The Guide to VoIP

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, has made it easier for businesses to connect with their clients. Many VoIP services are available for businesses of all sizes. Businesses rely on their phone service to communicate with clients and coworkers. Many businesses have moved their entire business communications system to IP because they were unable to upgrade their phone service, or because they thought it was too expensive. Now, with VoIP at their fingertips, businesses can reap the benefits of a unified communications platform that also enables them to reduce costs and improve service quality.

There are three types of VoIP business services that every business can use:

Integrated, IP-based, and stand alone. Each type offers different features and ways to connect with customers and coworkers. An integrated system is a phone system that includes all of the necessary components like a voicemail box, voicemail processor, IVR, call forwarding, and more. An IP-based system is one that is connected to the internet and uses your existing internet connection to carry out phone functions. The third option, a stand alone system, is not connected to the internet but still uses your existing phone service to make calls and send text messages to and from your phone.

Businesses that have moved to a newer office space or a new building should look into a hosted VoIP business services solution. Hosted solutions offer many benefits to businesses including convenience, security, and cost reduction. When you are in a new building or move to a different location, you want to be able to keep your existing phone numbers. A hosted solution allows you to add phone numbers that are currently owned by a third party.

You may wonder why it’s important to select a hosted VoIP phone system if your company already has a phone system. The simple answer is security. Having a secure wireless connection is important when you are conducting business over the phone. Some companies also choose to add an additional layer of security with a digital phone system that can be accessed via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device. If you don’t currently have a digital phone system, you may want to consider all the added benefits that a hosted VoIP business services solution offers.

For example, did you know that Vonage is the latest offering in VoIP phone services?

Vonage has been around for quite some time and is an extremely advanced call provider. It allows customers to place unlimited calls without using a ton of bandwidth. It’s a fantastic way to cut your costs and has quickly become very popular among business owners. Businesses can greatly reduce their need for additional staff with the addition of Vonage to their existing phone service.

Another provider that is gaining a lot of attention these days is RingCentral. If you have a business or large business organization, you will want to take a look at how RingCentral can greatly improve the way you manage your communications. Instead of having to remember multiple phone numbers and pass them on to various employees and vendors, you can place one phone number with RingCentral where it will belong to your company alone. Instead of paying different people for various pieces of information that need to be shared within your company, you can have the information immediately distributed via email, text message, or a voice call.

You can also significantly reduce the cost of your monthly phone bill with the addition of a VoIP phone system to your existing service. Many companies are finding that they can save as much as 60% by switching over to a VOIP phone system. This is especially helpful for businesses that are located in rural areas that may not be able to meet the requirements of a traditional analog service.

  • All in all, there are a wide variety of VoIP phone services available.
  • This enables businesses to quickly adapt to changes in technology and address the new business needs.
  • Whether you are a small business that needs to keep up with the latest trends or a large corporation that needs to remain in control of its communications, there is a VoIP solution that is right for you.
  • Switching over to an affordable and effective business phone services is one more way that your business can stay ahead of the competition.