VoIP Phone Service has taken the communications world by storm.

Consumers love it because it eliminates many of their cost and time restraints associated with traditional phone service. However, in order to reap all the rewards that VoIP has to offer, one must also adopt some important features to ensure proper integration and proper use of VoIP Phone Service. To simplify things, we will be discussing two options for integrating VoIP Phone Service to your existing network. One option consists of a hosted PBX, while the other consists of an enhanced call center. Both options have distinct advantages and disadvantages that should be evaluated and addressed accordingly.

Simply put, VoIP is a telephone service delivered over the web.

To do this, the analog sound data is first compressed using digital codecs. When it comes to switching the signal back to normal, it means that you receive phone service from the cloud, just like a traditional PSTN enabled phone. But with SIP Trunking, you have the ability to integrate your VoIP Phone System into your existing business continuity plans, which can significantly reduce operational costs.

VoIP Phone Service can provide improved intra-organizational connectivity and collaboration

through the implementation of efficient enterprise data management procedures (EDM) and easy access to employee information. This is where the benefits of utilizing VoIP Telephony come into play. Through efficient enterprise data management, organizations can avoid the costly costs associated with purchasing or leasing new telecommunications hardware and software systems. Through easy access to employee information, organizations can easily monitor telecommunications expenses and other business related information. Through the implementation of hosted VoIP telephony and IP telephony solutions, enterprises can greatly reduce their IT support costs, thereby improving employee productivity and overall organizational efficiency.

For all these benefits and more, it’s critical that your business utilizes top of the line VoIP Phone Systems that are capable of providing excellent Customer Service. One way to ensure you get an exceptional customer support is to implement cloud-based VoIP Phone Systems. The advantages of using VoIP Telephony in the cloud extend to VoIP Phone Service and the associated software, which include SIP trunks and gateway services. Here are some of the benefits of using cloud based VoIP Phone Systems:

No More Duplicate Billing Information – The implementation of hosted VoIP phone systems provides organizations with an easy way to avoid wasting resources by duplicating billing information across multiple phone systems. This is accomplished by providing organizations with one centralized billing system. Organizations can easily manage their VoIP Phone Service transactions and manage their associated expenses with one simple portal. No matter if your organization utilizes a traditional POTS PBX or a newer VoIP based phone system, managing your own phone bills is not only manageable, but also cost effective. Consolidate all of your phone bill data into one convenient location by using a hosted VoIP Phone System. You can access it from any computer, even from your smartphone.

Enhanced Customer Support – When your customers call your organization, they want to be sure that you have the expertise to answer their questions. To that end, the implementation of cloud phone system allows your organization to provide exceptional customer support. Whether you are experiencing issues with hardware issues, connectivity issues, software glitches, etc., you can easily and quickly find out if you have the necessary skills and expertise to address these issues. When you use cloud phone system software and the Internet as your VoIP solution, you can have access to technical assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No Cable Or DSL Trades – Implementing a VoIP Phone System allows you to eliminate one of the largest obstacles to using a digital telephone system: fiber-optic wire that runs throughout your office or business. Most offices and businesses don’t have significant bandwidth availability, so the necessity for a long-distance phone call is greatly reduced. When you implement a VoIP Phone System instead, you do not need to worry about your organization’s poor communication capability. Implementing a VoIP Phone System requires no additional investments in bandwidth that is owned by your organization. You will also eliminate the need to purchase expensive analog phones and extensions.

Enhanced Business Continuity – One of the largest disadvantages of traditional PBXs is their inability to accommodate a simultaneous increase in calls made in peak hours due to emergencies and extended business hours. VoIP Phone Service eliminates this concern by allowing your employees to make phone calls to your extension’s during normal business hours.

  • This increases employee morale and reduces the need to cancel business calls.
  • Furthermore, when your employees take advantage of VoIP Phone Service, your call center staff does not need to be available to handle emergency calls.
  • As you can see, there are many compelling reasons why it makes great business sense to implement VoIP Phone Systems today.